Busy Bees and Honey, FREEbie

Hey friends! It’s spring time and bees are making honey. Use this printable reward with LOTS of buzzing sound effects to share with your student. I enjoy rewards that are interactive and fun. I am going to fly these bees all over my screen.

Printable PDF

I like to print this, laminate, and then cut the honey bees close. I place them on the hive as I reward stars in my online classroom. Scroll to the bottom for links to this printable PDF.

Grab this printable PDF here

Digital Tools (ManyCam)

I use ManyCam for digital tools and rewards in my online classroom. I will take the image of the bee hive and make it a background in my ManyCam as a preset. I will use bees in ManyCam’s database of thousands of effects. Hide these away and add them to the hive as I teach as a reward. Watch this video Tutorial.

Lantern Festival, Animal Riddles Printable FREEbie

Celebrate in class this week with a fun printable Animal Riddle Printable.

On the Lantern Festival, 2/26, 2021 students will make a lantern and write riddles and ask friends to solve them. Bring this fun tradition to your online classroom with this cute OX animal riddle.

Assembly Directions:

Print two pages. I like this printed on cardstock since it is seasonal. Cut out the scrolls. Use tape putty behind to attach to lantern in the center of the background page with ox. Ask student to solve the riddle. When the student answers, give a star.

I support my lower level students with sound effects to guess the animals and will read for them if their English is limited.

I will use this all through my classes until 3/1. It’s so fun to play a guessing riddle game. Have fun!

My Favorite Webcam

I use an external webcam that I would recommend. It is the brand Amcrest. It is a highly rated webcam from a company that makes security cameras. This has many ratings on Amazon.

Online teachers recommend Logitech brand cameras. These have recently been out of stock and increased in price due to the shortage. Logitech brand are good webcams, but I am enjoying this other brand and good price.

I use this webcam to green screen using ManyCam too! It picks up light and has a clear camera view.


Camera cover clip up

Built in microphone

Green light to show it is working

Clear color and picks up light


When I hold props close to it, small items can be a little fuzzy

Note: this is an affiliate link so a portion of your purchase comes back to me.

Check out My Classroom page on my website to learn more about technology tool, I use.

Get a budget friendly guide for technology tools here.

Kids LOVE cupcakes! ManyCam Reward and Printable, FREEbie

It’s time for CAKE! Kids all around love cake and all things cake. This cute cupcake reward is so fun! I use this printable in my online classroom and reward my student cupcakes. I place each cupcake on the cupcake plate and enjoy lots of discussion.

These are colored different colors. Using colored cupcakes gives me a chance to speak with my students and use their knowledge of colors.

I love this set printed on paper, laminated, and placed with magnets on the back. Cut the cake stand plate close and put on a baking sheet. Enjoy some CAKE!

Grab the FREEbie Printable here!

Enjoy a digital ManyCam Reward

Get the image of the cake stand and add this to your Manycam presets as an image.

Watch this video on how to set up a reward for your online class in ManyCam.

Interested in learning how to use Manycam? Join my group on FB: ManyCam Kindergarten.

FREEbie dollars for you! PDF and digital PNG for ManyCam

It’s a dollar day! I’ve got fun dollars for you. This week’s freebie includes four version of the dollars.

Enjoy these dollars for the New Year, Magic Ears, VIPKID and Palfish.

Choose the page you want and print multiples. I like these printed on CARDSTOCK. Enjoy!

Get the PDF printable here

Are you a digital reward user? Check out this video to show you how to add these to your ManyCam feed.

Digital Files for ManyCam, Click Here

Flowery CNY Meg and Girl, FREEbie

The Spring Festival is a lovely celebration with blossoms, lanterns, and fun.

“The Chinese New Year is popularly known as the Spring Festival in China. Because it starts from the Beginning of Spring (the first of the twenty-four terms in coordination with the changes of Nature) and marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.”

Enjoy a FREEbie PDF printable of Meg from VIPKID with spring flowers. Add a flower to this lovely scene.

Not a VIPKid teacher?? I added a fun Chinese New Year dressed girl. Check out Yupi Yei Graphics. Choose the printable you’d like.

Happy Spring Festival!

Get the printable linked here.

Chinese Food for Dinner

Get ready and celebrate with a special Chinese Food Dinner.

Teach and extend the English words for some common Chinese food.

This is a two page printable PDF printable. Use this in your online classes to celebrate with your students.

Items included:

steamed buns, dumplings, vegetables, oranges, tea, bread, noodles, rice, and bubble tea

Grab the printable here

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