2021 Happy New Year Monster Party

It’s time to celebrate the New Year in our online teaching classrooms. The monster family is celebrating with a party. Enjoy these six printable stars, printable coloring page, and digital backgrounds for your online classroom. Enjoy! Happy New year!

New Year Party Monsters

I will print on cardstock since they will be used for a short time. I will award my student in class and click the star button to reward at the same time.

Look at these fun monsters! Happy Teaching

Get the printable for your online classroom, FREE.

Coloring Printable

Color with your online teaching students and use this fun printable. This is a one page PDF. I will place on a clip board and hold up to the camera and ask the student to choose a color to color each number and each set of balloons. So fun!

Get the printable PDF coloring page here.

Digital Green Screen Backgrounds and Stars

Check out the shared drive in ManyCam Kindergarten for access to green screen backgrounds and digital PNG files of the stars. Visit the group here. Click on the Announcements to find the shared drive with FREE resources.

Christmas Tradition, Chinese Apples

Many of your online students will know about Christmas and be familiar. Different decorations will be in stores and shopping malls in large cities.

Last Christmas, a parent sent me a video of a sleigh and reindeer traveling on a wire from two buildings. Santa was waving at the crowd too.

Celebrate with your student in class and gift with this apple. The words on the apple say, “Merry Christmas.”

The Christmas apple is gifted in a box or wrapped in cellophane. It is often a gift for someone you love and decorated on the box with hearts or bows.

It would be a wonderful gesture to give this to a family member in your online classroom.

Get a printed apple with lettering for you to gift. Click here for the printable.

Get the digital image in the group, ManyCam Kindergarten. Click on Announcements, Find the Drive Link, and open PNG, Christmas.

Santa’s Friends

Meg, Mike and Dino are Santa’s favorite friends. Here are some printable goodies to help you celebrate this year. I am getting ready for some holiday fun in my classroom. I hope you are too.

Decorations-Banner of Stockings

Here are some letters for teachers with VIPKID. I love these on stockings. These are two pages. I will print these, laminate, and cut close. I will use a hole puncher and yarn to string.

Grab this printable here.

Dino’s Best Friends are here!

Here is a one page printable with Meg, Mike and Dino with Santa Hats. They are Santa’s favorite friends. I will print these and use them for resources popsicle stick props for the month. How fun!

Grab this printable here.

Last year’s BANG Up GOOD IDEA!

Last Christmas I used a fidget spinner game in my classroom. I created the printable for this game with the Meg, Mike, and Dino in the image above.

Here is a video on how to do it. Please excuse this video….it is from a newbie on YOUTUBE. Sorry….you have to start somewhere.

Get the printables and read last year’s blog post here.

On the Farm, FREEbie

It’s time for some farm yard fun. I love this set and it covers all the animals I’ve seen and taught about on the farm.

Assembly Instructions

I like this set printed, and laminated. These are so small so it is easy to tilt on the screen. I use plain regular laminate for props used for classes when I teach this content.

Classroom Use

I like this set as popsicle stick props. I laminated and then cut them close with a small white border behind them. I taped with regular scotch tape a popsicle stick on the back. I will place these in a small file sorter box and then pull out them when I teach about farm animals.

This set can be used as a reward too. I love this set with velcro. I would attach some animals on the back and remove and place them in the farm to teach.

Get the FREE Printable, Click Here.

Bonus: Digital Effects with ManyCam

In addition to printed 2D props and rewards, I use digital tools too. Learn more about how to use Digital Effects for the Farm on ManyCam on my website.

Fall Harvest-Printable, FREEbie

Happy Fall to you! I am excited for all things FALL. Let’s bring on the pumpkin spice. Please enjoy this fall harvest reward. This is great for this season and for units on the farm.

Assembly Instruction

I print this out, laminate, cut and assemble. I like this set up with velcro because it keeps all the pieces together. I place 1/2 inch velcro dots on the harvest items and then place on the background. I place extra pieces on the back with velcro.

Online Classroom Use

At the start of class say, “Today we will celebrate on the farm. We will earn many things on the farm.” As a brain break in class, I will show an item and add the the background. I will teach the vocabulary word and a sentence. “Scarecrow.” “This is a scarecrow.” If you online classroom portal has a star system. I click the star and say, “Hooray, you get a scarecrow star!”

Fall Harvest Printable, Click Here

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VIPKid Art Department, Dino Bike Reward

I had the pleasure of attending the First Virtual VIPKid China Field Trip. I enjoyed the peak into the VIPKid head office, question and answer session, and networking.

The art department included some fun images of Dino. I had to make a fun reward for my classroom and share with you. Please enjoy this Dino Bike race. Dino can race the track, jump over obstacles, and bike threw a flaming ring. Happy Teaching!

Get the FREE Reward, Click Here

Please note: This Dino bike is courtesy of our amazing art department. Thank you!

Make a Pizza, FREE Printable

Online classroom teaching is powerful when rewards are teaching tools. I use special reward to enhance my classroom experience by teaching my student the words in English. Extension activities are popular with our parents and students. They bring something fun to the classroom environment. When I feel the class will be very easy or not interest the student, I add in a detailed reward that will lend itself to many extensions in class.

This special printable is a class favorite of my online students. Students LOVE pizza! In America, we add toppings on our pizza that are very different than the pizza that our students experience in China.

I use this teachable reward in class. I use velcro and place the items on the pizza background. At the start of class, I say….”Today we will make a pizza. Let’s choose one.” I hold up the topping choices at intervals in class and reward the star once they pick a topping and place on pizza. I teach a sentence depending on the students level.

Lower levels say: This is fish. This is cheese.

Upper Levels say: I like cheese on my pizza because it is good. I like pepperoni on my pizza because it is salty.

Every kid I have met in my online classes have LOVED pizza. Have fun in class with this special printable. Happy Teaching! Happy Pizza!

FREE Printable, Click Here

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