Tokyo Olympics FREEbie PDF

It’s time for the Olympics and I’ve put together a fun three page printable with the mascots for the Olympics.

Grab these here, print, and color in class with the student.

Note: these are not my designs

Grab these here:

Dragon Boat Festival, PDF FREEbie

Here is a blog post for ESL teachers in China. If you are teaching students in China, get ready!

Dragon Boat Festival is coming on June 14th. This special holiday is also referred to as the Double Fifth Festival because of the date of the festival. It occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese calendar.

There are lots of traditions and historical significance to this day.

Read more about the festival here.

One traditional activity is dragon boat racing. I like to simulate this in class. It’s so fun to add characters to a dragon boat and race.

I created this year’s printable with a dragon boat. I will print this on cardstock (it’s only once a year). I will cut Meg, Mike, and Dino close and then put them in the dragon boat. Have fun celebrating!

Extra: Grab last year’s post with resources that include vocab cards and printable game, Link here

Summer Tech Training Camps

Learn with me this summer in a tech training camp……

I host small group training classes for $7.00

Choose a camp topic that interests you to attend

Choose a time and date that works for you


Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

10:30am PDT// 1:30pm EDT

☀️Choose one workshop, content repeats

10:30am PDT/1:30pm EDT

☀️One hour Hands on Workshop


Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

2:30pm PDT //5:30pm EDT

☀️Choose one workshop, content repeats

2:30pm PDT/5:30pm EDT

☀️One hour Hands on Workshop

Would you like a PDF printable of the calendar?

I am a printed calendar lover too. Print it out! Click Image below or link.

Printable “Balm” End of the Year Gift

It’s the end of the year! Let’s celebrate! OH, my and what a year it has been!

At the end of the year, I always send a special gift with my kiddo to his teacher. This year, I am calling the year a BOMB. Let’s have some fun and thank our hard working teachers.

Grab this FREEbie printable. I printed on cardstock and will use the white space to staple on a chap stick. Any brand works.

After I printed this, I thought about how fun it would be to send these home to parents. In my state, California parents supported children at home for almost the whole year. What a great way to say thank you to parents! Have fun!

✅Student to Teacher Version

✅Teacher to Parent Version

Here is my first grader after I told him to SMILE. Kiddos for you!

Children’s Day 2021, Printables and Digital

Children’s day is coming up on Tuesday, June 1st. I will be celebrating by giving my students a special certificate. I will created printables for six online teaching companies and share both the printable and digital versions.

What is Children’s Day

Children’s day is a held on June 1st in Primary school which may include celebrations, performances, gifts, and treats. My students in the past have had pizza parties with their classmates. I had fun teaching my student how to say, “pepperoni.”

This is a holiday celebrated and established by the Chinese Government. All our students will be familiar and will LOVE if you recognize them. This year in 2021, this is held on Tuesday, June 1st. I will celebrate with students a few days before and a few days after.

Tips Video for 2021 (Watch this!) click button below for resource

Resources to Celebrate from my BLOG from LAST year!

2021 Printable Certificate-Best Child Award

This printable certificate includes resources for six online ESL companies including VIPKid, 51talk, Magic Ears, Bling ABC, Palfish, DadaABC, and GOGOKID. Grab these in a printable PDF or digital images for ManyCam or OBS.

Note: GogoKid added!

Summer Proof Your Bookings

I am gearing up for a summer of teaching with my ESL company VIPKID. I am setting up my schedule and making sure to guarantee that my BIG changes in my plans are a success.

I will change my usually early mornings PST time (think 4am) for evenings all through the summer.

I will also take all the weekends off to be with family, travel, and have fun with my summer loving kiddos. I am setting up my schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening classes. NOTE: I am in PST time. This means evenings my time 5:30pm until 10pm. I will open all these slots and my kids will eat dinner without me a few nights this week. I find the first slots of the evening book best for summer kids because they get the VIPKID class done early before other things come up in the day.

Here are my best tips to make this a success.


I will message my parents my new schedule in WEchat. I enjoy being connected with them and this is a great way to tell them of schedule changes. I will send a graphic image with the new schedule and dates as well as type this in a private message to them in WEchat so they can translate this.


I am changing to this schedule after two weeks off for family travel. I didn’t accept any priority bookings and will make this change the week of June 28 and continue my schedule of evenings only the end of August.

Here is a schedule of the dates and times of some BIG cities summer holiday. In general the last week of June to Aug 31 is a good guide. This is my plan for teaching evenings.


I am ready with supplemental classes from my online ESL company. In the summer, kids often switch to summer supplementals and give our MC (master classes a break.)


I have some tips for your profile in this guide. It is full of summer tips for your profile picture, extra pictures, and video filming. If you haven’t updated in a while, these are GOLDEN. Grab the guide here.

It’s a Pond Life, FREEbie Printable PDF

I’ve been teaching a lot about the pond in my online classes. I’ve been counting ducks, reading words as we jump across the rocks, and more. I think a pond reward has lots of possibilities for extension. This reward is built with fish, frogs, and ducks. The fish are all different colors to allow the student to choose. I even tossed in a mommy duck and babies.


Print this reward, laminate, cut the pieces and add velcro or magnets on the back. Check out my blog post about my favorite tools for this here.

Use in Class:

I use this reward with the background placed on a baking sheet pan or clipboard. I hold close to the camera and add the pieces. This would be a great reward for online teaching. Enjoy!

Peacocks are beautiful, FREEbie

Isn’t the spring time the best? I love the weather in spring and our students love seeing flowers, grass, and these lovely peacocks.

I use these in my online classroom and l love these laminated. I like this set with velcro. I place the peacock on the background in class. This one is a winner.

Online Teaching Device Made Easy

I think one of the most common questions I hear is about from teachers online is about computer devices. Teachers are so confused by RAM, i7, i5, and more! Let me help you.

I am sharing in this blog post my most helpful YouTube videos to teach you the basics when picking out a device-PC or MAC. Watch this for help!

Pick up my budget technology guide to device, internet, headphones, webcam, and more, Linked HERE

As always, email me your questions at and I am happy to help you.

Join my FB communities for support: ManyCam Kindergarten and Online Teaching Made Easy

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