Children’s Day 2021, Printables and Digital

Children’s day is coming up on Tuesday, June 1st. I will be celebrating by giving my students a special certificate. I will created printables for six online teaching companies and share both the printable and digital versions.

What is Children’s Day

Children’s day is a held on June 1st in Primary school which may include celebrations, performances, gifts, and treats. My students in the past have had pizza parties with their classmates. I had fun teaching my student how to say, “pepperoni.”

This is a holiday celebrated and established by the Chinese Government. All our students will be familiar and will LOVE if you recognize them. This year in 2021, this is held on Tuesday, June 1st. I will celebrate with students a few days before and a few days after.

Tips Video for 2021 (Watch this!) click button below for resource

Resources to Celebrate from my BLOG from LAST year!

2021 Printable Certificate-Best Child Award

This printable certificate includes resources for six online ESL companies including VIPKid, 51talk, Magic Ears, Bling ABC, Palfish, DadaABC, and GOGOKID. Grab these in a printable PDF or digital images for ManyCam or OBS.

Note: GogoKid added!

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