Summer Proof Your Bookings

I am gearing up for a summer of teaching with my ESL company VIPKID. I am setting up my schedule and making sure to guarantee that my BIG changes in my plans are a success.

I will change my usually early mornings PST time (think 4am) for evenings all through the summer.

I will also take all the weekends off to be with family, travel, and have fun with my summer loving kiddos. I am setting up my schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening classes. NOTE: I am in PST time. This means evenings my time 5:30pm until 10pm. I will open all these slots and my kids will eat dinner without me a few nights this week. I find the first slots of the evening book best for summer kids because they get the VIPKID class done early before other things come up in the day.

Here are my best tips to make this a success.


I will message my parents my new schedule in WEchat. I enjoy being connected with them and this is a great way to tell them of schedule changes. I will send a graphic image with the new schedule and dates as well as type this in a private message to them in WEchat so they can translate this.


I am changing to this schedule after two weeks off for family travel. I didn’t accept any priority bookings and will make this change the week of June 28 and continue my schedule of evenings only the end of August.

Here is a schedule of the dates and times of some BIG cities summer holiday. In general the last week of June to Aug 31 is a good guide. This is my plan for teaching evenings.


I am ready with supplemental classes from my online ESL company. In the summer, kids often switch to summer supplementals and give our MC (master classes a break.)


I have some tips for your profile in this guide. It is full of summer tips for your profile picture, extra pictures, and video filming. If you haven’t updated in a while, these are GOLDEN. Grab the guide here.

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