Magnets or Velcro

This is a common question from online teachers. It’s helpful to make your own resources for your online classroom. There are many printable PDF’s to assemble and use.

There are many ways to assembly resources for your online classroom. I’ve tried it all. I’ve tried different sized of velcro. I’ve tried different magnets. Really, I have tried it all.

I’ve got some products that I love for assembling props and use these same products in my ETSY shop. I craft and ship products to teachers. Here are the products I recommend and use.


I use a special type of magnet in my online classes. I use Neodymium Magnets. These are a small, very small sized magnet that are very powerful. What is so special about these type of magnets? Here are some facts about this magnet

The key difference between neodymium and ferrite magnets is that neodymium magnet contains neodymium, iron and boron as the major components whereas ferrite magnets have iron as the major component. Rare earth magnets are strong, permanent magnets.

These magnets are stackable and magnetic on both sides. This means you can create a stack of props and resources and keep them together using their magnetic quality.

There are many sizes to order. I like 6x2mm size. This is the perfect size to work with your hands. Smaller sizes are just too small to work with!

I order these in sets from Amazon. **Please use this link to order.


I ordered a whole roll of teeny, tiny velcro. It was just awful! Velcro that is too small will not hold and things will fall off. I like using a special size of velcro. These are: Sticky dots diameter: 20mm/0.75inches. This size is just perfect. For smaller sized projects, I often cut these in half.

I order these in sets from Amazon *Please use this link to order.

Assembly Instructions and Classroom Use

Please enjoy this YouTUBE video with my tips.

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